Baby Carriers in the hospital

After months of planning and preparation, the first hospital-specific KOKADI Baby Carriers are finally being used in hospitals, not only by parents but also by nursing staff.

A true project of the heart

With KOKADI the hospital, we want to enable children, parents and caregivers to experience the benefits of being carried in ergonomic, healthy stretchers.

With a baby carrier that can be adjusted from birth Baby Carrier we help exactly where it is needed. We equip hospitals and train local staff - so there's always a quick, satisfying solution when it's needed. Babywearing in general is very important and beneficial. Hip maturation is supported, the sense of balance is trained, and the physical closeness calms the pulse.

This is how you can support the project:

As hospital staff

you can ask your employer to join the program. The hospital receives the Baby Carriers from us completely free of charge. There is also a course on site to show and practice correct donning.

As a dedicated babywearing mom or dad, a babywearing consultant or midwife

you can of course also support the nursing staff on site. To ensure consistent quality, we test the skills in advance.

Experience from the hospitals

The nursing staff is overworked, the nurses have a psychological burden in addition to the physical work. Carrying benefits not only the child itself, but also the staff of a hospital by providing practical support in everyday life. Crying children find comfort. The staff finds peace. And satisfaction.

Join now and Baby Carriers in hospitals!

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