Cuddle products

We from KOKADI are textile specialists and know the special properties of what babies really need on their sensitive skin. Discover with KOKADI the world's unique cuddly products for your baby and you. Our cuddly soft blankets are breathable and heat regulating at the same time. Because our cuddle products are woven and not printed, they are especially durable.


The KOKADI Baby Blanket is a unique, proprietary product worldwide. No other blanket is woven in four layers. The four-ply weave allows air to accumulate in the chambers between the layers, keeping your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Another unique feature is that your scent is stored in these air chambers when you wear it on you. This scent can be delivered to your baby while cuddling. So your baby feels comfortable even outside the Baby Carrier wonderfully secure.

Woven from soft organic cotton and cuddly bamboo viscose, our baby blanket is perfect as a blanket, cuddle blanket, crawl blanket, cover blanket for car and stroller or play blanket beyond the baby time -. KOKADI Baby blankets accompany your baby for a lifetime.


The KOKADI Cuddle Cloth with 100% delicate bamboo viscose, wonderfully fluffy two-ply woven, make this a cuddling experience of a special kind! Here you have a similar effect to the baby blanket due to the two-layer weave. The cuddle blankets trap the warmth and scent of mommy and always give your baby a familiar feeling of cuddling.

Your baby can be lovingly wrapped and tucked in it. The cuddle cloths are also suitable as a light summer blanket, air-permeable nursing cloth or for mom as a stylish scarf!


The KOKADI Mommy Blanket is the perfect cuddle blanket for you and your partner. It is larger than our baby blanket and cuddle blanket, so you can cover up and use this in the family bed or on the couch. Our Mommy Blanket is unique in the world in this quality and perfect for snuggling up with the whole family.


The soft KOKADI Cuddle Cloths are woven in multiple layers and are wonderful for cuddling your baby. Also rolled up in the Baby Wrap or RingSling as a neck support, as a burp cloth or just always there in baby's little hands: a cuddle cloth can always go with you!


Our incredibly soft muslin cuddle cloths are more than just spit-up cloths. They are also suitable as a cuddle or neck cloth. Your baby will be fascinated by the particularly strong colors and a unique cuddling experience is pre-programmed.

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