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You are looking for a beautiful Baby Carrier and sustainability is important to you?

Then you've come to the right place!

We at KOKADI live for soft fabrics, beautiful designs and gorgeous colors. One thing must always play a role: Our environment! As a company, we see it as our responsibility to treat ourselves, our employees and our environment with care.

This is how your KOKADI:

Everything starts with an imagination.

What KOKADI so unique are our loving and detailed designs. These spring from our own pen in our head office near Munich.

Whether customer requests for the KOKADInen from the "official KOKADI Fanclub" on Facebook or typical KOKADI designs - we breathe life into future limited editions.

Fantasy becomes reality.

Our textiles are made in the weaving mill. Our weaving mill is located in the country where the highest quality fabrics for Europe come from: Turkey. This production country, rich in tradition, through which the Silk Road passed and which was therefore an important junction, is still very centrally located. This saves us long transport routes to distant countries and at the same time ensures close contact with production.

In our weaving mill, sustainable organic cotton and other valuable yarns are stretched in the huge loom. Our yarns, which we source from controlled organic cultivation in the same region, are produced free of harmful substances, heavy metals and toxic substances such as formaldehyde. This makes our fabrics free of herbicides and pesticides and especially skin-friendly, saliva and sweat resistant.
Ideal, therefore, for the use of our products, on which the little darling may also suck sometimes.

Quality is our greatest claim.

Our fabrics are carefully examined after weaving. For this purpose, they are shone through from behind to be able to recognize possible flaws exactly. For example, woven-in cotton lint is detected here and carefully removed.

The fabrics are then thermally and mechanically finished. This is an absolutely unique process for textiles - as it is usual for fabrics to be treated with chemical agents or not treated at all. This is called loom state. However, this would leave the fabric rigid.

We choose here the chemical-free and complex, thus also cost-intensive variant. But it is worth it to us - because only in this way we offer your baby and you only the best.

After washing, the fabric is carefully ironed by hand and prepared for further transport.

With the finest handwork to the product.

In our sewing shop in Slovakia, the fabrics are cut and then sewn with precise handwork.
Here, too, it is particularly important to us to support our employees. We mainly hire people who have it harder socially, such as single people or single women.
The guidelines of the jobs are of course based on European law. Fairness is very important to us!

Our mission

Once our KOKADIs have reached us, we ship them from here in Ismaning to over 50 countries.

We see it as our responsibility to convince even more parents of the benefits of carrying their baby. Babywearing is such a wonderful time that should be savored to the end.
With our Baby Carriers baby carriers this can be done perfectly. They can be used not only until the end of the term.
Also cuddly scarves and other accessories bring you the special KOKADI cuddly feeling to your home.

From this material KOKADI Baby Wraps and Baby Carriers made.

Organic cotton

  • Our cotton comes from the most traditional organic cotton growing area in the world: Turkey.
    We guarantee the shortest possible distances and the lowest possible CO2 emissions as well as personal contact with the farmers.
  • For all KOKADI-products we use exclusively supercombed cotton. This is a fine, long-fibered raw material.
    Our cotton is picked by hand, although harvesting with machines would be much faster because it is cleaner and contains less foreign fibers. Because we work only on organic fields, the harvest is free of pesticides and herbicides, providing healthy conditions for workers in the fields without disease-causing substances.
  • Super combed cotton is tear resistant, stretchy and has a great sheen. It is less hairy than ordinary cotton and has good pilling characteristics. The abrasion resistance is very high unlike ordinary cotton and your Baby Wraps and wear look like new even after repeated washing.
  • All these properties are ideal for your baby: due to the high quality materials, the necessary strength of the fabric is given - at the same time your KOKADI but at the same time is so supple and adaptable that it ideally encloses your baby's body. Sucking on it is also completely harmless.

Bamboo viscose

Viscose made from bamboo pulp is a super soft material with a beautiful silky shimmer.

It is also a perfect "sweat wicking" fabric. It is very good at wicking away the moisture that occurs when you sweat. Bamboo viscose cools in summer and warms in winter.


Micromodal is obtained from beech wood. It is particularly soft and flowing, with a beautiful shimmer.

Modal is also very breathable and keeps its shape for a long time, making it very durable.


Silk is, after all, generally known for being absolutely comfortable against the skin. Silk is also very light and has a temperature balancing effect. In summer it cools, in winter it warms.

Silk also dries very quickly and is extremely tear-resistant.


Linen has a number of great capabilities that make it perfect for our Baby Carriers makes:
Linen is cooling and very comfortable on the skin. It is particularly robust and tear-resistant, and also lint-free.
A super advantage especially for allergy sufferers and babies is that linen is naturally antibacterial, as well as dirt and dust resistant.


Tencel is considered to be particularly environmentally friendly. It is made from eucalyptus wood and in an almost closed cycle. Tencel is a particularly soft and yet robust material. It is very breathable and thus temperature-regulating.
In addition, Tencel is particularly durable because it has very little abrasion.

Glitter yarns

Our products made with glitter have 1% of our polyester glitter yarn.

The first detergent for Baby Carriers

The extra environmentally friendly detergent for Baby Carriers is for the ideal care and optimal preservation of the colors of the fabrics used in our Baby Carriers used in our jacquard fabrics.

To KOKADI Detergent

So your KOKADI woven

Two properties make our KOKADI fabrics a unique experience: soft, high-quality materials and imaginative designs.
The weave of the cloths is crucial for this.

Our KOKADI weaves


Due to the diagonal-moving weave, these fabrics are particularly cuddly. They fit your baby's body perfectly and wrap around him like a second skin. That makes our KOKADI Baby Carriers and Baby Wraps so unique!
Jacquard weave creates a kind of photo negative effect on the back of the fabric. So once the same motif, but with colors reversed!

Cross twill

Cross twill weave makes fabric extra resilient. It is rather grippy and is therefore perfect for wearing beginners.

Unlike the jacquard weave, the cross twill is characterized by the fact that both sides of the fabric look the same.

KOKADI Baby blanket


Our KOKADI Baby blankets are woven in 4 layers. Air can accumulate between the layers. This ensures that your child is cooled in summer and warmed in winter.

Another unique feature is that your scent is stored in the air chambers when you wear it for a while. This is then released back to your baby when you cuddle him. So your baby feels comfortable even outside the Baby Carrier secure.

KOKADI Cuddle cloth


Our KOKADI cuddle cloths are woven in 2 layers. This gives you a similar effect to the baby blanket as well. However, the cuddle cloth is a little airier, because it is less fabric.

That's why parents use it mostly in summer and the baby blanket in winter. However, if you have a baby who sweats quickly, you can of course use the blanket perfectly in winter and vice versa.

KOKADI Basis weights

The basis weights of our Baby Wraps and RingSlings can always be found with the respective product. We explain here what they mean.

By the way: Our KOKADI Baby Carriers are always sewn with 2 layers of fabric. Therefore, the weight per unit area is not relevant for the stretchers.


Between 170 - 230 g/m2.
Also perfectly suitable for newborns.
Pleasant in summer.

medium heavy

Between 235 - 270 g/m2.
From birth, until the end of the gestation period.
Great all-rounder - easy to handle.


Between 275 - 450 g/m2.
From about 1 year until the end of wear.
Thick and supportive at the same time.

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